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Acoustic Design: Big sound. Small format. Phantom have a unique housing crafted from a lightweight metal that makes it robust yet ultra-light. Combined with an elegant splash and dust resistant design. Enjoy the freedom of wireless earphones which deliver an immersive listening experience for music lovers who live to move.

Authentic and Made to Last: In the spirit of the Arisen legacy, YueMai headphone are crafted with authentic and durable materials.The anodization of aluminium allows colours to be deeply integrated into the core of the material, providing more depth and durability.

A Great Fit: Designed for any ear size and shape, no matter what you’re doing. An extra soft rubber earbud, available in different sizes, ensures a perfect fit for almost any ear size and shape. The earbud is placed slightly off axis to the speaker unit to fit the funnel of the human ear. And because of the great fit, there is no sound leakage – and you get incredible acoustic performance.

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